Program Philosophy

Program Philosophy

Raised in our Environment to Thrive in Yours is not just a catch phrase, it is a reality. At the ranch we have a no mercy policy that resembles that of a low input commercial cow calf producer, rather than that of a typical seed stock producer.

We are commercial cowmen and treat everything here as so. Longevity is the single most profitable trait in cow calf operations, but most leading bulls in the country or the major stud catalogs are out of cows that have only had 4 or 5 calves or less. The matriarch dams at Hague Angus like 912, 708, 443, etc. stuck around until they were 14 or more years.

Our environment sorts for us, and not a computer generated program full of algorithms. Cattle here are not fed up and flashy, but hardy and built to last. There aren’t any silage piles or ethanol plants around our place. So why on earth would I rely on that for a long-term feed source?

We are just shy of 4000ft elevation with a 10-12 inch rainfall average. However, from 2002 through 2012 we averaged 5.2 inches of rain. Another downfall here is getting trees to grow. There are Zero trees on our place except for the homestead locations. We get 105 in the summer and can have wind chills as low as 60 below. The girls stay out on pasture year-round being fed Rio Nutrition mineral tubs, Hay and fresh water.

We believe in the hidden values of beef production. While most worry about how much their calves weigh, I care far greater for Longevity, fertility, Feet, Structure, Environmental adaptability, and efficiency. We live in an area that takes about 26 acres to run a cow. Our hills are made up of very fine blow sand and high alkaline ph, which leads to poor quality forage. The land here is very fragile and moves quick in a steady wind causing erosion very fast.

The good Lord blessed us with this little corner of the earth and we will continue to operate it and improve the things we can control. Which are heal the land, make hardy adaptable Angus cattle, and serve you as our customer to increase your success and simplify your life in the process.